What Would it Take To Be 
The Happiest Person You Know?

Life is Meant to Be Fun and Feel Easy ...

... but it isn't always.  Add a few years with a whole lot of living that comes with responsibilities and before you know it, you are post-menopause. The revealing truth is you have lost the thread of being YOU.

Now you neither recognise yourself or even understand how it is you have reached this point in your life, without a proper plan. 

It's OK, this is where  'Post Menopause Magic' happens, the ...

Comes in.

6 Weeks

of Transformation.

Let's Take a Journey of...

6 Modules to Re-Discovering YOU

  • 1
    Realign To You
    Let's get you re-aligned by finding out what's working and what isn't in my easy 'life assessment.'  This will help to make your results measurable.  Let's also start digging in to explore ways to support You - your body, your mind and the inner you.
  • 2
    Release The Regret
    You can't move forward in life if your hands are full of yesterday's worries - so let's release these and any other rubbish you have been hanging on to.  Time to create the space to invite in new and exciting things.  What regrets are coming up for you post-Menopause? 
  • 3
    Re-Set Your Truth
    What is your new TRUTH going to be? You will discover this as you dig deep into the stories that no longer serve you. Let's also continue working on your daily habits and routines to improve your health and emotional well-being.
  • 4
    Re-Define Your Life
    Let's redefine your life - now you know what you don't want, let's help you make the changes you need so you can start to upgrade the things that are present and good in your life.  Learn about the different tools to help keep you focussed and improve your relationship with Yourself, post-menopause.
  • 5
    Realise Your Dreams
    Time to dream some new dreams - now that we have created space, let's get crystal clear on your desires and dreams to   create new goals and discover new possibilities. This is a great space to explore new ideas, to open up and awaken what is possible for you.
  • 6
    Reap The Rewards
    Reap the rewards of our six weeks together.  In this module I am sure you will be reaping the rewards for years to come with aligned action.  What action will you continue to take moving forward? It's a time and place too for celebration and reflection.  What's next?  Where has this journey led you and what awaits? .......

Creates A Life That:

  • Works on every level
  • Makes you feel alive, expansive and excited 
  • Fills you with joy every day 
  • Has zero post-menopause overwhelm
  • Makes you feel present and connected to your life and to those who you love most

About the Course Creator

I am the post-Menopause Health Coach. 

I found my menopause tough going trying to balance my hormones, my mind chatter and work full time as well.  But then what happens afterwards? ......

I realised post menopause, that other women were probably asking a similar question, what's next?

This is why I created this course; that there is life after the menopause.  That in many ways, this is just the beginning; that there is abundance waiting for you on all levels, that you are worthy of so much more; that you have a purpose.

This is your time now to step into the realms of possibilities to create something wonderful and expansive for yourself.  More than ever, you matter.  

Realise, this is a gift of self love; from you, to you that has the power to change not only you but those around you too.

"Sometimes, you just have to breathe in and breathe out,

to clear the way for new and exciting life-changing possibilities." 

Whats Inside the Course?

6 Modules with Videos to easily understand how to

Re-Discover YOU

PDF worksheets, to help you access your changes with ease, all laid out for YOU

1:1 calls available with the VIP option and group calls on the live rounds

Is This Course Right For You?

This course is not for everyone; let's see if this is the right fit for you?

Who is this for...

  • You, if you're feeling super overwhelmed and ready to do the work to clear it.
  • You want to create change in your life but you do not know how - I am here to guide you.
  • You are sick and tired of feeling sick & tired - it's OK, I'm here for you.
  • You are ready to take back control of yourself and your life; feeling excited. 

Who is this not for...

  • You, if you still want to throw a pity party for one.
  • You're not ready to take responsibility for your own actions and life.
  • You enjoy blaming others for your lot in life and you do not want to change.
  • You are unwilling to work through your fears, allowing your negative emotions to control your life.
Feel Happier in 6 weeks or Your Money Back

I want you to feel happy investing in this course, so here is my promise to you -  I believe in this course so much that you can try it risk free. If you complete all 6 weeks and you do not feel happier, more confident and centred in your own life, I will give you your money back - just send me a message and I will refund your money, no questions asked, after you have handed in 6 weeks of completed worksheets.


VIP 6 Weeks

VIP1:1 Coaching  

Plus Lifetime access to 

 Self Study Course

  • Lifetime access to self study course
  • Facebook Group access
  • 24/7 course access
  • Group calls on live rounds
  • 6 x 1:1 calls with Rachel
  • 6 weeks Voxer support
  • PDFs on Mindset


Power Hour


Clarity Session Plus

Book Direct

  • 1x 60 minute Zoom Call on your top menopausal issue  
  • Two week email access 
  • PDF on healthy lifestyle



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How long is the course?

What format does the course take?

How long do I have access to the course?

How do you suggest I do the course?

What happens if the course isn’t for me, can I get my money back?

Do you offer payment plans?

Praise for Rachel...

Rachel helped me to make new discoveries and gain self-understanding, as part of our training and certification to become NLP Practitioners. Rachel’s gentle, kind and warm approach allowed me to achieve amazing outcomes and personal development.

Jannie Lambert

NLP Practitioner & Lifestyle Coach

I’ve been seeing Rachel to help me with my lifestyle and healthy eating. I have put others before my own needs for years because I’m a mother and a wife.  I fell out of love with myself a long time ago and I was existing.  Since seeing Rachel, we have been working on my mindset and things have really changed for me.  I am engaged in me.  I’ve lost a lot of mind-chatter and some of my self worth issues. I have dropped a dress size and my body shape has changed. I feel great. My relationship with my husband and my family has changed so much.  I feel more confident and relaxed within myself. I am engaged with life again and it feels incredible. I am so grateful to Rachel; she saw something in me which I had lost long ago.

Judith Trentham

Super Mum

As a private person I was surprised how easy it was for me to open up to Rachel about my issues and she really helped me work through things in a logical way. She is non-judgemental insightful and sympathetic. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Stephanie Harris

Solicitor/Business Development Manager

Start to live the Life of your Dreams