Face Makeup – All About the Primer

Do you wear a primer underneath your makeup?

Depleting Hormones

There is no disputing the fact that the menopause can wreak havoc with our skin. May be the menopause gets a bad press because it gets the blame for how we age through it.  However, our lifestyle and well-being also play an important role which are the results of our daily habits and routines. 

But the menopause doesn’t do us any favours. Depletion of collagen and elasticity, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores are not our friends. Neither is rosacea.  The ageing process ultimately affects our confidence and distorts how we show up in our lives. How is that even fare?  

Its All About Balance

Thank goodness that the menopause and ageing are being taken more seriously now. Skincare and makeup has significantly improved over the last few years.  Products increasingly incorporate the yin and yang of ‘science meets nature’ click here There are some very impressive products available to help us to look good and feel great whilst supporting our skin issues.  Certainly incorporating a great daily skincare routine and adopting healthier living will hugely reap the rewards for beautifully nurtured skin and provide a greater sense of well-being. 

A Helping Hand

There is no doubt that primers can really work wonders keeping skin and makeup looking great throughout the day.  A primer is great for disguising small imperfections and unevenness and helps to stop makeup from clogging.   We feel more confident when we know we have smooth beautiful skin and look great. Our stress levels significantly decrease and we have more room to navigate our way through the menopause with ease. 

So, could this be something you would consider adding to your make-up routine if you are not already doing this?

It’s your bff in the makeup bag.

Menopausal Health, Helping You Grow Through What You Go Through

Feeling Confident and Happy, You at Your Best


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