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Let's Begin

Up until I was in my 30s, I was employed full time to be on someone else's schedule working full time 9 - 5.30.  I was chained to my computer, stuck in a work-pod and supporting professionals in various Law practices in London and then later in Birmingham.  I could organise and prioritise work like a pro, but inside, I was absolutely dying.  Is this something you can relate to?

Then I Went On A Journey...

After 20 years working like this, I knew there had to be more to my life than just existence, I needed to thrive.  This was not what I had signed up to and it was non-negotiable.  There was no way I was going to turn into my Mum as much as I adore her.  That's when I began to change my journey and unknowingly, my story.  If you are anything like me, you may have reached a similar conclusion?    My new mantra became:

"There has got to be more to life?"

After repeating this mantra over and over, things began to change.  I reduced my working hours, and I embarked on a Journey over several years. I changed my direction completely and qualified in something that I truly loved, a whole load of different therapies.  

  •  Holistic and beauty therapist particularly specialising in aromatherapy skincare 
  •  Reiki Master 
  • Fully qualified Further Education Lecturer
  • NLP Practitioner
  •  Advanced training in diet and nutrition.

Wow that's a lot isn't it.. but here's a little  Secret, none of it made a jot of difference until I addressed the real problem -  my mind chatter.  I was also menopausal and believe me, I had a tonne of mind chatter to clear.

That was a game-changer which also lead me to my  Passion. I realised that working with lots of women particularly those who are Menopausal, their number one problem they all face is their mind chatter. How to control their fears, their symptoms and their mind chatter and get back onboard with themselves and their life.   

So You See, You are not:

  • Alone
  • Broken;
  • Unworthy;
  • Not Enough
  • A melt-down mess

Irrespective of how long we hold onto these negative mindset patterns  

We are all filled with infinite possibilities including YOU - but it's the hanging on to these negative mindset patterns that keep us disconnected from our true selves and keeps us blind to those amazing, Positive possibilities!  Over the years our disbeliefs become our illusional beliefs which we own and nurture as though they are our friends who help us. The real truth is, they are destroying us, eroding our reality and turning it into a nightmare story.  No wonder we can feel beside ourselves most of the time.   

BUT,  I help Ladies to free themselves from their illusion - the stuff that holds them back - and change their  Story .......... 

This IS My Passion...

This was a big Aha moment for me, finding my Purpose. When I realised this, it completely changed my life.  I felt confident, happier, secure in myself.  Have you ever experienced something similar, something so profound you just know it's a great place to be in your life, where everything just makes absolute sense and you feel totally at peace with yourself?  That's how I felt.  In truth, everything aligned within to allow me to align to my purpose.  It was my purpose that had been missing all along.  Having magnetic Clarity aligned me to my purpose, they fitting together like a jigsaw.  I finally came home to me.

I have consciously created my business for women who need to lose their menopause fears, the negative self talk, the not knowing where to start (that leads to inaction) and take back control - women like you who are ready to  Discover themselves, live a life that works on every level; because anything less would be selling themselves short.

I use all of my skills including my NLP know-how to help you clear away the negative self-talk, get  Clarity and create a new vision for your life -  that will have you   Discovering You 

Feeling Great in Your Life Is Your Birthright!

Are You Ready to Make Today, the Day You Start to Change it All? 

To see how we can work together. . .