Your Curiosity Brought You Here

Being Menopausal means you deserve a love-filled relationship with yourself to create the change you need.  I can help you to super-charge your life for this.

Being Menopausal, Do You Currently...

  • Compare yourself to others? 
  • Feel frustrated and frazzled?
  • Worry, because you can't create change?
  • Pretend that your life is great but silently feel insecure, without a plan.

 That's Where I Come in... 

It probably wasn't an instant thing that got you to this stage - it has happened gradually over the years until one day you realise you are menopausal and you barely recognise yourself anymore.

Life is busy. We as women wear a million hats; add a few years then suddenly it seems like you have lost the thread of being you.  

It took the menopause to be the catalyst that you need.  You are now looking for a solution to 'change you' through this new life stage.  You are unsure where to start or even how you feel about it.  

You Are Not Alone With This Problem And Right Now, You Are Exactly WherYou Need To Be.

I have a plan for you.  I am fluent in Menopause - calming body, mind and emotions whilst enjoying the results of great skin, shiny hair, sparkling eyes and strong nails.  I blend strategy with therapeutic elements to create a program for healthy living on purpose.

The solution starts the moment you decide to be the change that you need.

Are You Ready For This?

Here Are the Ways We Can Work Together...

What My Clients Have to Say...

Rachel helped me to make new discoveries and gain self-understanding, as part of our training and certification to become NLP Practitioners. Rachel’s gentle, kind and warm approach allowed me to achieve amazing outcomes and personal development.       Thank you.

Jannie Lambert

NLP Practitioner & Lifestyle Coach

As a private person I was surprised how easy it was for me to open up to Rachel about my issues and she really helped me work through things in a logical way. She is non judgemental, insightful and sympathetic and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Stephanie Harris

Solicitor/Business Development Manager

I’ve been seeing Rachel to help me with my lifestyle and healthy eating. I have put others before my own needs for years because I’m a mother and a wife.  I fell out of love with myself a long time ago and I was existing.  Since seeing Rachel, we have been working on my mindset and things have really changed for me.  I am engaged in me.  I’ve lost a lot of mind-chatter and some of my self worth issues. I have dropped a dress size and my body shape has changed. I feel great. My relationship with my husband and my family has changed so much.  I feel more confident and relaxed within myself. I am engaged with life again and it feels incredible. I am so grateful to Rachel; she saw something in me which I had lost long ago.

Judith Trentham

Super Mum

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