Grab a cuppa &

Come Meet Me... 

Grab a cuppa & get to know me!

Up until I was in my 30s, I was employed full time to be on someone else's schedule working 9 - 5.30. May-be you can related? Chained to my computer, stuck in a tiny work-pod and supporting people in various Law practices.  I could organise and prioritise work like a pro but …. I was dying inside!

Then I Went On A Journey...

I thought there's got to be more to this existence than just.....Mmmm existence!  If you were anything like me you are probably asking the question....  

"There has got to be more to life?"

So I tried a whole bunch of stuff... which means I am now super qualified in a lot of things:

  •  Holistic and beauty therapist 
  •  Reiki Master 
  • Fully qualified Further Education lecturer
  • NLP Practitioner
  •  Advanced training in diet and nutrition.

Wow that's a lot.... I will tell you a little Secret none of it made a squat bit of difference until I address the real problem:  My negative mindset!

That was what changed it all!!!  It so happened I found my Passion too! 

You are not:

  • Broken
  • Unworthy
  • Stupid
  • Or Not enough

However often we hold these negative mindset patterns - I was no different!  

We are all filled with positive possibilities Including YOU - However it's the hanging on to these negative mindset patterns that keep us disconnected from our true selves and keeps us blind to those amazing, Positive possibilities!   Helping others to free themselves from that which holds them back....

This Became My Passion...

It completely changed my life, I felt more confident, Happier, secure in myself and I had bags of clarity after years of trying one thing to the next.... I finally came home to me! 

I have consciously created my business for women who need to lose the overwhelm, negative self talk and take back control! Women who are ready to Re-Discover themselves, live a life that works on every level because anything less would be selling yourself short! 

I use all my skills and NLP know how to help you, clear the negative self talk, get  Clarity and create a new vision for your life -  that will have your Re-Discovering You

Feeling Good in Your Life Is Your Birthright!

Ready to make today, the day you begin to change it all? 

To see how we could together. . .